Animal shelter boss convicted of cruelty in Torremolinos is jailed for three years

Carmen Marin

THE PRESIDENT of an animal care centre in Torremolinos, Carmen Marin, has been sentenced to three years and nine months in prison.

Carmen Marin was found guilty of animal cruelty and forging veterinary documents.

Marin would systematically euthanize animals in order to receive payment from the council for vet bills that did not exist.

The president sanctioned the death of an estimated 2,800 dogs and cats using drugs that cause an “agonising and slow death,” the court was told.

Witness statements and dozens of euthanasia drugs found at the shelter were used as evidence by the prosecution. Marin has also been fined almost €20,000.


  1. And while the rest of us rush around trying to help,show compassion and do our bit,she calmly defrauds on the back of unimaginable agony and total indifference to feelings and animal life.Hope jail time is Really Hard on her!

  2. what a evil cruel person.. dispicable vile human being .. the lowest of the low .. hope she has a nice visit to prison ! and gets what she truly deserves .. lock her up and throw away the key

  3. Thank goodness she can’t carry out such cruelty any more. Those poor animals she tortured. Three years is not long. Is she banned from working with animals for life, this is important.

  4. Animals are still there in that “shelter” all alone, no good non !! a few volunteers try to feed them. The council should do something about it. Poor animals


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