Dawn violence to end the year

Costa Del Sol Hospital in Marbella

A VIOLENT end to 2016 saw two young men stabbed in Estepona and San Pedro as the world celebrated New Year’s Eve. Both men are in a serious condition at the Costa del Sol hospital and there have been three arrests in connection with the attacks. 

In Estepona a fight broke out in a home on Cabrera street near Avenida Andalucia at around 7am. A neighbour called police and ambulance services arrived to find a 25-year-old with a stomach wound. Police haven’t yet caught the culprit but arrested the homeowner and his girlfriend for trying to cover up the crime. 

Meanwhile in San Pedro a Moroccan man tried to force his way into a nightclub. When knocked back by bouncers he brandished a weapon but was then attacked by unknown assailants and stabbed in the arm. He is recovering in hospital and under arrest while police search for the other troublemakers. 


  1. People that cause problems in other countries such as this Moroccan man should be sent back to Morocco with his passport stamped so he cannot return, will that happen? I doubt it very much! Moroccans seem to be involved in causing a lot of problems here in southern Spain, being a lot more strict with them and others that are of similar behaviour would actually make the Spain a safer place not only for tourists but for the Spanish themselves… just a shame those in control here just don’t seem to be able to understand that!


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