Amazon plans to take over the skies

Zoe Leavitt/Twitter
Diagram of the patent

Amazon has filed a patent for giant flying warehouses with drones that deliver merchandise to key locations

The warehouses would go to places Amazon predicts will require certain goods quickly.

One of the uses highlighted would be for sporting events where they would sell food, drink or souvenirs to spectators.


The patent also highlights plans to use a series of support vehicles to restock the flying distribution centres, according to links posted on Twitter and seen by the BBC.

Amazon claim the use of drones and ‘airborne fulfilment centres’ would be capable of delivering orders much faster than from standard warehouses.

The drones would descend from altitudes of up to 45,000ft and would use next to no power as they glided down to make deliveries, according to the distribution giant.

Amazon’s patent was filed in 2014 but has only recently come to light after tech analyst Zoe Leavitt from CB Insights tweeted that she had uncovered the patent.


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