Australian police foil major terrorist attack planned for Christmas Day

© Adam.J.W.C. Wikimedia
The busy Flinders Street Station.

ACCORDING to the Victoria State Police in Australia, they have foiled a major terrorist attack due to take place in Melbourne on Christmas Day.

The authorities have been observing the activities of a number of men and women for several weeks and arrested seven people on the morning of December 23 who they believe were in the process of getting ready to use weapons and explosives to hit a number of iconic Melbourne landmarks.

Four men have been detained whilst another three people have been released but authorities believe that the majority of those involved are Australian-born but of Lebanese origin and have been radicalised by propaganda issued by terrorist organisation Daesh although they are not part of that group.


The targets appear to have included St Paul’s Cathedral, Federation Square and Flinders Street Station all of which are in close vicinity to each other and the intent was to cause chaos and widespread fear.

According to the Australian authorities, 400 officers from the police and national intelligence organisation were involved in the operation and the threat to the public has now disappeared.



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