Hard work is rewarded

LOCAL POLICE: Received the Andalucia Menina Award for their ongoing efforts.

MOJACAR’S Local Police force has received the Andalucia Menina Award, thanks to its ongoing efforts in protecting victims of gender violence. 

The awards are given out annually to associations or individuals who have made the war on gender violence a top priority. 

Since 2007, Mojacar’s Local Police have worked continually with Viogen, a comprehensive gender violence tracking system implemented by the Ministry of the Interior. Mojacar’s officers have been well ahead of the curve in regards to making sure that this social issue receives ample attention. 


The prize was accepted on behalf of the Local Police by Gabriel Ruiz Ayala, Head of the Gender Violence Unit of the force. He was joined by three officers from the unit. 

Also in attendance at the ceremony were various councillors from different levels of government, as well as representatives from local entities and associations linked to the prevention, support, assistance, and protection of victims of gender violence. 


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