ETA terrorist arrested in London

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RE-ARRESTED: Antton Troitiño.

BRITISH POLICE have arrested Basque terrorist Antton Troitiño in London following a high court rejection of his appeal against an extradition order.

The ETA member, who was released from prison in Spain in 2011 after serving a 24-year sentence for various terrorist attacks, had been released on bail and was under a curfew in London.

Troitiño’s lawyer, Alastair Lyon, confirmed that this release has now been revoked and his client will remain in custody while the UK courts decide whether to allow two further appeals against European extradition orders to go ahead.


Since Troitiño was first arrested in London in 2012, Spain has requested he is returned to the country for trial accused of belonging to the ETA terrorist group and faking documents four times. While the first three attempts were rejected, the last has been accepted and the Spanish authorities, via the British Public Prosecutor’s office, requested that the terrorist be taken into custody while his appeals are considered to avoid him escaping.


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