Serial robbers caught in the act


THE Guardia Civil has arrested two people on suspicion of committing numerous robberies in Mijas Pueblo.

Dubbed ‘Operación cierre,’ (‘Operation shutdown’ in English), Guardia Civil officers worked together with the Local Police to catch the accused, who are to be charged with robbing 10 local businesses over the course of the last few months. 

The investigation started after police caught wind of various, similarly executed robberies in the Mijas Pueblo area during the early hours of the morning. On November 12 police officers surprised the robbers by catching them in the act, prompting them to both run in separate directions. One of the thieves was caught immediately, with the other being caught a couple of hours later. A third person is also being investigated in relation to the robberies.


Over the course of a few months over €25,000 in cash was stolen, as well as numerous items of value, and damage caused to the affected businesses amounts to more than €5,000.


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