Samuel Eto’o next player in Barcelona prosecutor’s sights

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Samuel Eto’o

SPANISH tax authorities continue to make accusations against current or former Barcelona players for tax evasion and the latest to return under the microscope is much travelled and fantastically successful Cameroonian player Samuel Eto’o.

Prosecutors have settled on demanding two year sentences on both Lionel Messi and Neymar, knowing that in accordance with tradition, they will spend no time in jail but in the case of the African who is currently playing in Turkey they are demanding a 10 year sentence and a €14 million fine.

The basis of their argument is that he set up companies in Hungary and Spain in which he ‘hid’ much of the income he received upon joining Barcelona and the basis of the charges which have been announced not only assume that he did not pay tax on €4 million after joining the Catalan club in 2006 but want to penalise him heavily for undertaking the alleged evasion.

In the case of both Messi and Neymar they are currently resident in Spain and playing for Barcelona but if this case does go to court, it remains to be seen whether the Cameroonian will actually attend to defend his position.


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