No ‘blind-date Brexit’ for Britain

Nigel Farage.

The UK government is going through exceptionally tough times. Only a third of UK voters support Brexit unconditionally, according to an ICM poll that suggests a widespread desire for the government to release details of the deal sought with the EU BEFORE triggering Article 50. Or, in other words, two-thirds of voters oppose a ‘blind-date Brexit’. Plus, according to the latest Ipsos Mori poll, almost half of voters think the government is handling Brexit badly. Then, after being 10th in line to speak to president-elect Trump, Mrs May was obliged to witness Nigel Farage’s triumphantly smug grin beamed across the Atlantic direct from the golden portal of Trumpland. Next, there was the disputed, leaked Brexit memo from Deloitte, claiming that government departments are overstretched and there is no overall strategy and, crucially, criticising the Prime Minister’s leadership style (that she holds her cards too close to her chest). Now, it’s all well and good to hold your cards close to your chest. However, that can’t change the quality of the cards you hold. “I’m not telling you” very often means “I have no idea”. This government has no mandate and is led by an unelected PM who vaguely supported remaining in the EU. It has no clear-cut plan for the economic future of the country. The only definite announcement Theresa May has made as PM is that she wants more grammar schools (a view not shared by her backbenchers). Added to that, there are crises in the NHS, housing and the prison service due to lack of funding and/or policies. The UK’s on a disintegrating life raft, adrift in rough seas. We need a general election sometime soon – for the same reasons I gave here recently. Theresa May needs all the help she can get, so maybe she shouldn’t so readily dismiss Farage? After all, his self-styled credentials as ‘Mr Brexit’ are endorsed by the next occupant of the most powerful office in the world. And, incidentally, that image of Farage standing next to Trump in front of those glittering golden gates: Brexit at Tiffany’s, anyone? Nora Johnson’s thrillers ‘No Way Back’, ‘Landscape of Lies’, ‘Retribution’, ‘Soul Stealer’, ‘The De Clerambault Code’ ( available from Amazon in paperback/eBook (€0.99;£0.99) and iBookstore. All profits to Costa del Sol Cudeca cancer charity.


  1. When will people understand, the government nor anyone knows what the full meaning of Brexit will be, there objective is to get best they can for British business and UK’s peoples, something they have stated several times! It doesn’t take anyone with a small amount of electrical activity in their heads to understand they cannot spurt out what the details actually are! Saying: “I’m not telling you” very often means “I have no idea”… in these circumstances means that person hasn’t got much common sense and certainly doesn’t understand what is happening or why!

    The current situation in the UK is not of Teresa May’s creation, nor is the timing of her position the most ideal but it takes a very brave person to actually take on what she has and I know none of the people spouting out negativeness has the balls nor capability to do what she has undertaken! She wasn’t my first choice for PM when yellow belly Cameron decided to throw in the towel but “so far” she is fast proving she has a strong sturdy backbone and is up to the job, again something that most of those people complaining and moaning could never hope to match!

    Well done to her I say, she should ignore all the stupid, foolish and negative remarks from those who couldn’t dream of ever being able to get through one day in the job she holds! 🙂

  2. Hello Nora.
    In your column,you state that only a third of British voters support Brexit. TRUE! You then apply false logic to say that this means two thirds are against Brexit, which is an untruth. The fact is that more people voted to leave the EU than voted to remain! You might also consider the fact that at no time ever has a political party obtained the support via the ballot box of more than half of the British population.
    It is quite obvious that you are a “remainer”,but please accept defeat with good grace,and accept that Mrs. May is in charge of the Brexit strategy.
    Bye the Bye,I voted Ukip at the last General Election,but I am not bleating about only one seat in parliament, nor am I howling about “proportional representation”.
    Please do not take this as a personal attack upon yourself,it is just an attempt to set your maths straight.After all,where would we be without the likes of you and Leapy?

  3. It is a common ploy Harry of people who are against Brexit to write things in such a way to deceive and make it look negative… many also complain about being told 350M “would” be spent on NHS… when we were told it “could”. Anyone with any sense “apparently Brexit voters were the only ones that actually looked into what they were voting for from what I have read” knew that even “could” meant it wouldn’t be possible for various obvious reasons. 🙂


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