Guardia Civil break up a number of gangs across Spain

© Guardia Civil
Performance enhancing drugs.

OVER a period of three years, teams of officers from the Guardia Civil have been investigating a number of individuals of different nationalities belonging to five different groups who they believe were involved in the distribution throughout Spain of illegal ‘recreational’ drugs as well as prohibited substances used to enhance sporting achievements.

As the officers became more convinced that their investigations were identifying various groups involved in this illegal activity they also became aware that a great deal of the money collected by the gangs was being ‘laundered’ in order to make it appear legal.

A decision was made therefore to carry out a number of raids of properties in Alicante, Cantabria, Granada, Malaga and Valencia which resulted in the arrest of nine Spaniards and the interview of 13 others including more Spaniards and people of other nationalities including one from Britain.


During the raids, the Guardia Civil removed a number of computers, seized documentation which suggested that some €1,846,000 had passed through the money laundering system, numerous mobile phones and 13 expensive vehicles of which may have been registered to one party but actually owned by another and a huge amount of prohibited substances.


  1. Here we go again. All foreigners suspected of committing crimes or engaged in illicit activites should be deported immeditately. It would disrupt their acivities and prevent crime


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