Drunk and dangerous driver caught

MISSING WHEEL: The sozzled driver managed to drive 26 km without a tyre.

CATALUÑA’S Mossos d’Esquadra police force has reported on the latest incident of reckless driving in the region, which saw a 26-year-old drunk woman drive 26 kilometres down the wrong side of the motorway with a wheel missing from her car.

Police were alerted at about 7am on Sunday morning (November 20) that a vehicle was racing down the wrong side of the AP7 motorway near the French border with the right front wheel missing, sending sparks flying.

Traffic police headed for the scene and drove parallel to the car on the correct side of the road, signalling the woman to stop as lorries were forced to swerve to avoid hitting her. Eventually as their requests were ignored, the police force reported, a road block was set up to stop the driver before she caused an accident.


Once the vehicle had halted, officers noted a passenger in the back of the car and a breathalyser test revealed that the driver more than doubled the legal limit for alcohol.

Following her arrest the woman was taken before a judge, who released her with charges after confiscating her badly damaged car and her driving licence.


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