Prospective park plans

PERI-URBAN PARK: Plans to include gardens, a running track, bike lane, roller skating area and a climbing wall.

MIJAS is planning to construct the biggest peri-urban (a mixture of urban and rural characteristics) park in the province. 

It will occupy a space of approximately 350,000 square metres, meaning it will be nearly twice as big as the Parque de la Paloma in Benalmadena.

The project is expected to cost somewhere between €3.5 and €5 million and will be located in the El Ahogadero area of Las Lagunas. It will be accessible via the road that goes to the racetrack as well as the one which leads to the old Camino de Coin.  


The park will have two entrances and three parking areas. Additionally, this highly ambitious project will also include gardens, a running track, a bike lane, a roller skating area and a climbing wall. 

There will also be a big lake with boats and a bridge, fountains, an auditorium, an open-air amphitheatre, as well as hobbit and gnome houses and aquatic attractions in a large children’s area. 

The work will be mostly financed through the town council, which will seek additional funding from local entities and associations.


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