Traditional Christmas ad sets Twitter a-twitter


THERE’S no escaping the fact that Christmas is coming and in Spain a sure sign of the fact is the launch of the advert for El Gordo, the traditional Christmas lottery.

For years now the launch has been almost as much of an event as the draw itself, sparking expectation as to what this year’s sentimental tear-jerking script will involve.

Revealed to the public on Monday (November 14), this year’s spot was created by Spanish film director Santiago Zannou and touches on family sentiments with a tale of an elderly woman who wrongly believes she has won the big prize. Rather than upsetting her, her family and entire town, including the local police force, celebrate her win with her.


Just hours after its release, this year’s ad had garnered millions of views on Youtube and the hashtag #LoteriaNavidad was the top Twitter trend in the country.


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