Spanish political party reveals animal abuse in Medinaceli

A scene from the burning.

REPRESENTATIVES of PACMA the Spanish political party which was formed in order to protect animal rights managed to obtain access to what was effectively a closed area in the town of Medinaceli in the province of Castilla y Leon on November 12 where a bull had its horns covered in mud and then set on fire.

According to PACMA, the animal suffered for 13 minutes and as the dried mud caught fire, so it would have burnt the head and eyes of the bull which was filmed desperately trying to escape the flames and the accompanying pain.

In most places this activity would be illegal but because the so called ‘Toro Jubilo’ is classed as a ‘traditional event’ it therefore has special status but PACMA argues that there is absolutely no justification in modern Spain for inflicting such pain on the animal which was eventually taken to a local slaughterhouse for butchering.


Naturally, this is one of the events that the ‘animal party’ is trying to have banned in the future.


  1. This is horrific and every year when this happens violent crimes skyrocket. Why? Because of transference of aggression. It happens whenever the bull fights happen, whenever a slaughter house opens, etc. Those poor bulls. I grew up on a ranch and bulls were never dangerous. These poor tortured animals. They are teaching children to have no compassion or empathy which does shrink the brain. Also another fact, animals abuse is directly related to child and elder abuse. Disgusting uneducated cowards.

  2. This happens every year in Medinaceli but Spanish politicians are more interested in stirring the pot with Gibraltar than stopping this barbaric act, says a lot about them!

  3. I was absolutely disgusted by the abuse of this animal. I watched as activists tried to stop it and then witnessed the videos, which Facebook blocked on my feed because they were so gory. I spend six weeks in Italy every year but will never go to Spain as long as these revolting festivals continue. I hope other people boycott Spain while this continues.

  4. This is deplorable. I cannot believe this sort of practice still exists. So sad and devastating and should NOT have happened. Next question is what are the consequences for this brutal attack. This is inhumane and should be BANNED. Animals are NOT TOYS to play with they feel pain. This cannot continue for pleasure. its wrong.


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