Mr Brexit meet Mr President: Farage wants to be Trump’s EU Ambassador


‘MISTER Brexit’ Nigel Farage has put himself forward as president-elect Donald Trump’s ‘EU ambassador’, should the future commander-in-chief see any need for such a position. 

After shaking the British political establishment to its very core with his successful demonisation campaign against the European Union, Farage was delighted with Trump’s victory, saying he welcomed a president who ‘understands our post-Brexit values’. 

The interim UKIP leader has denied any interest in retaining the role and jetted off to the United States on Wednesday, slyly implying that it was for talks with the future leader of the free world in a radio interview. 


“Is he going to offer me a job? I’m hoping he might do” said Farage. “He will be in need of a proper Eurosceptic ambassador in Brussels for the European Union. I would rather like that job.”

The ex city commodities broker and the real estate tycoon railed against the financial establishment together with Farage plumping for Trump at rallies across America, introduced as Mister Brexit, although few in attendance had a clue who he was. 

Trump isn’t Farages’ only American idol. Next month he plans to echo Martin Luther King’s million man march on Washington by recruiting 100,000 Leave voters to march on the supreme court. They hope to pressurise judges into preventing the British parliament from having any say on Brexit. 



  1. Look at the pound v euro now, that’s the Trump effect.
    Perhaps a trade deal uk/USA could be just the thing to put a few stuck up noses out in Europe. I imagine that President Trump may be happy to deal with the uk instead of 27 Euro countries plus the Walloons.

  2. The back of the trade queue was the words stated by the clown socialist Obama another failed attempt trying to influence the British electorate to vote ‘remain’ part of the EU. Dan DiMicco, Mr Trump’s adviser, said Britain would be first in line for a trade deal. Donald Trump has made clear he wishes to sustain and improve the special relationship with Britain as it exits the EU. The EU will face an uphill battle with President-elect Trump and they know it

  3. A Jones you clearly don’t get the bigger picture. Donald Trump’s victory is part of a global movement to throw off incompetent leaders (EU), reduce the size and cost of government, and restore countries to the values that have made them uniquely British, German, French and American.

  4. Yes I do miss the empire which
    Became the commonwealth with over a billion people
    which we
    Turned our back on to jump
    into bed with 27 European
    Countries. the people in the
    Majority of these countries
    Are now gearing up to leave.


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