Bank robbers arrested in multiple raids

© Guardia Civil
One of those arrested.

IN an operation undertaken by the Guardia Civil, National Police and Mossos d’Esquadra, four Spanish men have been arrested for being members of a criminal organisation which had undertaken a number of bank robberies throughout Spain.

Two were arrested in the Albacete town of Pozo Cañada, as they were getting ready to rob a bank in Tobarra.  The other two members of this group were arrested in the city of Zaragoza with the participation of the Special Intervention Unit (UEI) of the Guardia Civil due to the perceived danger of the men.

Three houses were raided in Zaragoza where two vehicles used in the robberies together with two firearms, as well as clothing and accessories were seized.


All of the detained have criminal records, which include multiple robberies with violence and intimidation, vehicle thefts and robberies, falsification of public documents, crimes against public health, illegal possession of weapons and homicide.

Investigators believe that this group carried out at least nine robberies between February 2015 and October 2016 in banks of the towns of Pobla de Tornesa and San Mateo (Castellon), Tortosa and Montanblanc (Tarragona), Nagera (La Rioja), Miajadas (Cáceres), Motilla del Palancar (Cuenca), Mieres (Asturias) and Torralba (Albacete).


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