Halloween comes to La Herradura

HALLOWEEN: Every year becoming more widely celebrated in Spain.

EVERY year Halloween is becoming more widely celebrated in Spain. This year, the La Herradura and Almuñecar councils have decided to capitalise on this by organising a series of fun and spooky activities. 

In Almuñecar the main events will take place on Monday October 31, and November 1, at the town aquarium. 

Participants will be treated to ‘The Shipwreck of the Orphanage,’ a spine-chilling tale of terror which is sure to leave both children and adults shaking in their seats.


Meanwhile in La Herradura the festivities will mostly take place on Sunday October 30, and Monday October 31. 

Starting at 7.30pm, the La Herradura castle will be converted into a ‘Castle of Terror,’ and later the local group ‘Enebro’ will perform. 


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