Park director accused of cutting off bison heads to cover up neglect


SPAIN has had its fair share of strange and despicable animal cruelty cases but the discovery of two headless bison at a Valencia wild life park had an aura of intrigue that transcended typical barbarity.

Police had suspected that trophy hunters were behind the macabre crime, poisoning the beasts and removing their heads for repute or monetary gain.

But now the head of the Valedeserrillas nature park, who had gone online to condemn the killings has been arrested and charged with negligence.


An autopsy on the animals suggests that they actually starved to death rather than being poisoned and investigators are exploring the idea that the park director ordered staff to decapitate the two bison, one of a 660 kilo alpha male named Sauron, in order to cover up their neglect and blame it on poachers.


  1. If the people that are supposed to take care of you (and get PAID for it) are neglecting you they should get severe punishment. Shame on those beasts!!

  2. Truly disgusting. There is no excuse for allowing animals to suffer like this. Why did they neglect them? Pure laziness or siphoning off the money I expect


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