Minors take serious risks attempting to enter Melilla

© Guardia Civil
Discovering a hidden youth.

ON October 26, officers of the Guardia Civil were on duty in the port of Melilla when they saw a youth trying to clamber down a rope in order to gain entry, but he lost his grip and fell an estimated seven metres onto the concrete floor.

The officers immediately called 061 medical services and administered first aid to the young man from Fez who was just 13-years-old until the ambulance arrived and took the youngster to hospital where he was diagnosed as having fractured a number of vertebrae and the fibula of his left leg.

So far this year, officers of the Guardia Civil based in Melilla have found 1,457 minors attempting to enter the port in order to stowaway on vessels, many of them hiding in lorries or attempting to climb over the high walls and officers have seen a number of these youngsters injured because of the risks that they are taking.


Unfortunately for them, when discovered, after they have had medical treatment, they are transferred to the Purisima Juvenile Centre before being returned to Morocco.


  1. Instead of trying to get to other countries where there is no hope or work for them and where they will end up as criminals, they should stay in their country and try to build that up to a decent place. That way they don’t have to risk their lives and don’t cause problems elsewhere.


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