Claudia’s sea view row ends


Model Claudia Schiffer has finally reached a settlement after being at the centre of a bizarre property dispute between her British film producer husband and Willi Weber, the former manager of Formula One phenomenon Michael Schumacher. 

Weber accused Schiffer and husband Matthew Vaughan of cutting down two 10-metre high pines on his property in Mallorca’s Camp de Mar resort so they could get a better view.

He believed they told their groundsmen to invade his property, fell the trees and sweep away the evidence hoping that the 74-year-old wouldn’t notice two missing pines on his huge estate. 


But the star couple and their gardeners were hauled before investigators last summer and accused of trespass, burglary, and crimes against the environment. 

Weber told the German press that unless the couple paid compensation, €30,000 for the trees, and paid for a dividing wall between the properties, he would “plant so many trees that they can only smell the sea.” 

Vaughan has reportedly apologised to the millionaire motoring promoter claiming they thought the trees were on their sprawling 500,000 square metre rented holiday property. 

Now Schiffer and Weber, whose management firm once represented the glamorous 46-year-old, have told a Mallorca judge they’ve finally reached an out-of-court agreement. The details are not likely to find their way into the public domain. 



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