Junta fail to accept outstanding tax debt

POST OFFICE: The old building is to be seized.

THE Junta de Andalucia has responded to Malaga Provincial Council’s decision to seize the old post office building in the wake of the unpaid property tax scandal reported in EWN.

The affair has left a raft of local municipalities out of pocket, but the Junta’s local delegate, Jose Luiz Ruiz Espejo, has requested the embargo be lifted. He claims the €8.76 million debt “does not correspond to the Junta, and should have been cleared prior to the reclamation that has been made.”

He added he has instructed debts would only be paid “once they have been confirmed by the relevant departments” of the Junta, and the oldest of them must be analysed first.



  1. Funny how you wouldn’t get any options or reasoning if the Junta de Andalucia claimed you owed them money, your account would be embargoed and then have to take them to court if you disagreed with the debt!


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