Gibraltar rejects latest ‘carrot and stick’ over sovereignty

HM Government of Gibraltar
Chief and Deputy Chief Ministers at the UN

FOLLOWING the return of the Chief and Deputy Chief Ministers from their presentation to the United Nations, Chief Minister Picardo gave a press conference on the afternoon of October 6 to respond to yet another tirade from Spanish interim Foreign Minister Margallo in which he promised to woo Gibraltar and then warned “Only the big boys play here” and “I will put the (Spanish) flag there and much sooner than Picardo thinks.”

Mr Picardo in his statement said that the decision to leave the EU as decided by the referendum has absolutely nothing to do with the sovereignty of Gibraltar and such a link between the two is only in the mind of the interim Spanish Foreign Minister.

In essence, the Chief Minister said Gibraltarians had seen off attempts by many Spanish administrations to reclaim sovereignty over Gibraltar and neither threats nor sweeteners would work.



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