Time for the circus to leave town

BANNED: No more wild circus animals.

THE regional government’s cabinet recently approved a ban on wild animals in circuses.

The veto has been incorporated into the existing Pet Ownership law and follows on from a proposal in the Valencian parliament last June that was unanimously backed by all five parties represented there.  

The regional MPs agreed that the use of wild animals in circuses is not justified and their presence has no educational, environmental or economic value.  Circuses of this type “reflect an outdated vision that shows little respect towards the nature and behaviour of living creatures,” they maintained. 


The Valencian Community is following the example set by Cataluña, which in July 2015 banned all circuses where wild animals are forced to appear.  

At last count there were 40 circuses touring Spain with lions, elephants, seals, horses and dogs.  They are barred from more than 170 municipalities, according to environmentalist group, Ecologistas en Accion.


  1. No circus should ever use animals as “entertainment”,humans at least have a choice,animals don’t,I would not go to any Circus that used animals.


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