Increased security at jam-packed Mallorcan ports

PORT DE SOLLER: Police have been concentrating on pleasure craft.

THE National Police has increased inspections of pleasure craft at marinas and yacht clubs around the island since the level four antiterrorism alert was put in place in mid-2015.

A statement released on Thursday, September 29, revealed that a whopping 16,400 such vessels have visited Mallorca in a little over 12 months.

Searches have mostly been concentrated on non-EU boats, meaning visitors hailing from outside the Schengen zone have been ‘stressed’ by the additional measures.


During inspections, officers cross-check the number of identity of crew and passengers against details submitted to Mallorcan port authorities before each vessel has docked.

The increased security is not only concerned with antiterrorism, since it also encompasses illegal immigration plus trafficking of humans or drugs.


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