King Felipe VI claims Gibraltar in a speech at the United Nations

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King Felipe addressing the United Nations.

KING Felipe VI entered into the fray over the future of Gibraltar when he spoke at the United Nations on September 20, echoing the observations of interim Foreign Minister Margallo and telling the attending heads of state that Britain, on its first attendance after the Brexit at the United Nations should end the colonial anachronism of Gibraltar.

He wants to see an agreed solution between both countries in order to restore Spain’s territorial integrity over the Rock which would be to the benefit to the people in Gibraltar as well as those in the Campo de Gibraltar.

He appeared to overlook the fact that the people of Gibraltar are totally opposed to this as it appears are all of the unions and councils in the Campo as well.


In his speech he referred to difficult periods that Spain was going through but did not expand on its inability to elect a government and the threat of a massive fine that still hangs over the country due to the on-going problems with the financial deficit although he did say that he wanted to see helped those who have been worse affected by the financial difficulties.

The King also sidestepped the problem of Catalonian independence but indicated that the country works best through a democratic framework.


  1. Because of my English is deficient, I do prefer write in Spanish but with totally impartiality (I believe). Well, El Peñón de Gibraltar claramente le pertenece a España por razones que ya se han dicutido en todos los ámbitos, entre ellos el principio de territorialidad. Si los “Gibralteños” desean ser Británicos, eso es correcto. Pero veámoslo desde otra posición también razonable: ¿Es correcto que UK tenga una colonia dentro de la misma Europa? ¿Este hecho no degrada fuertemente a España? No solo son los Británicos que tienen el caracter de territorialidad, en realidad no le son exclusivos. Existen varias formas (modalidades) de arreglar este entuerto. Por favor, ¡Háganlo!

  2. Pedro, many of your countrymen seem to forget that Gibraltar was ceded to Britain in 1713 by the then king Phillip V and the document signed cedes the peninsular to Britain FOREVER. There is no limit on this and it should not be brushed aside.
    Before you and your countrymen start demanding that the peninsular be handed back, check up on your country’s history.


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