No place to hide

TABARCA ISLAND: Flat and exposed.

POLICE continue to discover more irregular Algerian immigrants on Tabarca Island.

Roughly 100 were thought to have arrived in four boats or ‘pateras’ and many were seen fleeing on reaching the shore.  This time they were Algerians but, like the sub-Saharans who are also willing to risk their lives to reach Europe, all would have paid the people-trafficking mafias large sums to get here.

According to the Guardia Civil, the three men brought the total of those located up to 55, of whom 13 are minors.


Like the others brought in by the police, they were transferred to Alicante port where they were held by the National Police.  On arrival they were given a medical check-up by the Red Cross who said the men were in good health despite symptoms of dehydration, exhaustion and superficial injuries to their feet. 

They told her they had spent the last two days without food, said Patricia Campañ who is in charge of the Red Cross operation. Once at the main police station in Alicante City, like all the other irregular Tabarca arrivals, they were issued with expulsion orders.

 and in the meantime will be housed in a Foreigners’ Internment Centre.


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