Cracking the whip

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ROWDY BEHAVIOUR: There will be strict zero tolerance.

RAMPANT misbehaviour, violent incidences and hospital trips have led to a 50 per cent increase in the number of guests ejected from Magaluf hotels. 

President of the Palmanova-Magaluf hoteliers association, Sebastian Darder, has championed a strict zero tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour that runs hand in glove with a Guardia Civil crackdown to help establish a ‘new Magaluf.’ 

Darder claims that despite the column inches devoted to covering the ‘balconing’ craze, which sees drunken fools launch themselves off hotel or apartments balconies, there hasn’t actually been more trouble this year. Rather the arrests and evictions are down to a tougher and more synchronised approach to tackling such behaviour by the police and hotels. 


He argues that greater confidence in Magaluf is represented by higher occupancy rates and it is well on its way to shedding its shady reputation and becoming more family friendly. 


  1. Occupancy is up all over Mallorca.He does not give indication of age groups of this higher occupancy ,until he does wil presume same young age group ,so no difference.


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