Elderly man injured during high speed chase in Central London

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The car after hitting the bus

 A WANTED man was chased through London by police causing injury to an elderly man and a police motorcyclist before crashing into a bus on Saturday September 17.

The individual who was driving a blue car had been recalled to prison and was also wanted for burglary, so police officers decided to chase him in a busy tourist area at around 2pm, clearly having no regard to the safety of the general public which was shown by the fact that a man in his 70s was hit.

One of the main reasons for the existence of the police force is as they say in America is ‘to protect and serve’ yet on this and a myriad of earlier occasions, it appear that officers were more interested in making an arrest than bothering about the safety of the public.


The road chase finished when the car crashed into a bus close to Trafalgar Square and the man who was later apprehended, ran away and was pursued by a number of officers in cars.

The man was arrested on suspicion of burglary, failing to stop, dangerous driving and wanted on recall to prison but little information is available concerning the elderly man who was knocked over.

One eye witness Fran Perrow tweeted “Chaos in Strand after dramatic police chase. Passengers evacuated from bus after car crashed into it and driver fled.”


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