British Consul holds meeting in Mallorca

TOWN HALL: British residents voiced their concerns.

LOCAL British residents had the opportunity to put their questions and thoughts about the EU referendum result to the newly appointed British Deputy Head of Mission Tim Hemmings, Consul General Lloyd Milen and Vice Consul Lucy Gorman.

The meeting, which took place in Pollensa Town Hall, aimed to give British nationals living in Spain the chance to feedback their concerns to the Embassy. Local Town Hall officials, representatives of English speaking associations and charities, business people and other residents raised their concerns about access to healthcare, pensions and the right to live and work in Spain.   

Tim Hemmings reassured British residents that they would not experience any immediate changes in their circumstances: “The rights of both British and Spanish citizens to live, work and study in each others’ countries have not changed, and the UK will remain a full member of the EU until exit negotiations are completed.”


The Deputy Head of Mission emphasised the strong links between the UK and Spain and made clear that:

“At every step of the negotiations we (the British Government) will work to ensure the best possible outcome for the British people.”

Consul General Lloyd Milen ended the meeting by promising to keep residents up to date with developments concerning the UK’s exit from the EU.

 “We are committed to listening to the concerns of British nationals in Spain, following the referendum and to keep them updated with any changes as we negotiate our exit from the EU.”

He encouraged British nationals to refer to credible sources of information during the process, available on the UK or Spanish government websites (visit


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