In defence of the local dragons

ENDEMIC: Podarcis lilfordi is found only on Dragonera.

ANALYSTS are judging the success of a long-term extermination campaign on an uninhabited islet just off the west coast of Mallorca. Biologists had unleashed the powers of man on a huge rat population burrowing its way across the Dragonera islet and natural park back in 2011 when it became clear the 12,000 strong vermin army posed an existential threat to local lizards. 

Now the scientists have returned to the battle scene armed with infrared cameras and microscopes to determine whether the bloody campaign was a success and to check up on the islet’s native Dragonera lizards, with results expected soon. 

Named after its dragon-resembling silhouette, Dragonera is just over 3kms long, roughly 500m wide and is part of the Andratx municipality.



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