Warning to party girls

PARTY STRIP: Trouble once again in Magaluf.

YOUNG British girls are selling their bodies in Maguluf as part of a highly-organised trade on the notorious party strip. Former workers and witnesses have come forward to share their depressing stories with UK media which typically involve male tourists paying bars for ‘their time.’ 

Most of the girls involved are in their early 20’s and work selling shots at bars and clubs, working on commission in a highly pressurised environment. 

Paid a pittance unless they can sell hundreds of drinks a night, many resort to offering punters sex while some bars and girls will share a €300 fee if a man wants personal time with one of them. 


Many websites lure British, and other European girls to Mallorca with promises that they can earn vast sums of money. Some are tempted by the cash on offer and hope to use it to pay off university fees, but they are usually ignorant as to the often violent underworld they are getting involved in.

Job descriptions on certain websites range from ‘vodka brand models’ to ‘sugar daddy cruise ship models’ and even ‘YouTube blind-date candidates.’ 



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