Taken for a park ‘n’ ride at concert

© Avis De Miranda/Shutterstock
ARMIN VAN BUREEN: Parking controversy during gig.

MARBELLA Council have opened an official investigation into the furor surrounding precisely who authorised the five euro charge for parking at San Pedro de Alacantara’s football stadium before the recent concerts by Marc Anthony and Armin Van Bureen.

The council are particularly interested to learn who benefited from the fixed charge, since they claim they had nothing to do with it. They also want to know  what the police officers on duty there at the time were doing while the alleged scam was being pulled.

Adding additional layers of complexity to the situation, no fewer than three police unions, plus Local Police chiefs, have queried a supposed intervention at the car park by a deputy inspector and three councillors on July 30, the night of the second performance.


The deputy inspector, flanked by high ranking officials from the Marbella and San Pedro Councils, apparently told duty officers to identify those who were taking money for the parking, while one of the council members recorded proceedings on his mobile phone.

The unions are kicking up a stink as they say that the inspector should not have issued orders to on-duty officers who were not under his command, with his instructions allegedly including that posters advertising parking for five euros be taken down immediately.



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