British tourists assault Puerto Banus taxi driver

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SECURITY ISSUES: Taxis parked up at Puerto Banus.

A PUERTO BANUS taxi driver was attacked by a group of pie-eyed British tourists in the early hours of Friday, September 2.

The incident occurred around 4.40am, when eight English revellers tried to jump into a cab on Calle Jesus Puente, close to the ritzy port.

After the driver told them that they could not enter his vehicle while eating their takeaway food, the bevvied Brits began to attack the hapless driver, who managed to radio a distress message during the scuffle.


The drunken gang fled when they saw other drivers approaching, but they gave chase and cornered the aggressors while they waited for police to arrive, which apparently took 18 minutes.

Several of the tourists were whisked away for a night in the cells, while the bruised victim was taken to hospital for treatment to his head and ribs.

One witness said that “the British were keen to fight from the beginning,” while another lamented the “pathetic police presence that we have had all summer.”

Taxisol president, Victor Vazquez, echoed the latter sentiment as he said: “All we have seen this summer is one police car parked at the entrance roundabout.”

Taxis operating from Puerto Banus have been subjected to a number of attacks since the start of June, including one incident in which a driver was stabbed and subsequently required surgery.



  1. The mentality of British youth is certainly getting out of hand. All they can think about is drinking until they are cock-eyed, using foul language and causing fights.
    It is sad to see that Britain has sunk so low with people on holiday giving the country a bad name.
    Being British used to be something to be proud of when you consider our history, but all that is dead and buried thanks to the low-life’s we have today.

  2. England shirts. Union jack shorts. A can of beer and we love England songs…..well fook off back ya Jeremy Kyle bastards.
    I’m trying to live a decent life in Spain to Spanish rules and came here to get away from you scum.


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