Tomato thieves caught red handed


AFTER being alerted by a furious farmer who rang the National Police to alert them to the theft of several hundred kilos of tomatoes from his property, the officers sped into action in the area of Dos Hermanas in Sevilla.

It appears that three people threatened the farmer before removing the fruit but according to him, the bright red skins hid a toxic secret as they had recently been sprayed with pesticide and would therefore be unfit to eat for some time.

Thanks to an accurate description of the thieves and their vehicles, the National Police quickly identified the miscreants who were all members of the same family and discovered the tomatoes in their cars. Following this, they raided the property of the accused, revealing other illicit fruit and vegetables.


Upon further investigation it came to light that the two men and one woman who had been arrested had built illegal warehouses together with neighbours and between them they stored stolen fruit and vegetables which were later sold in markets. 

A total of four tons of stolen tomatoes, melons and watermelons were recovered but as most had been sprayed with pesticide the haul was declared unfit for human consumption.



  1. So you are saying that pesticides are bad? Why dont you write an article about monsanto then, i wont hold my breath..

    Desperate times when people are reduced to stealing tomatoes from other peoples gardens..the Spanish seem to have lost all sense of morality, its very sad to see..

  2. Are you sure the were Spanish? Crimen rates are mucho lower in Spain than in the Uk. In fact Spain has some ofrece the lowest crimen rates in the World. So much for tour moralista. Facts are easyto check in Internet.

  3. Sean – I was saying that to eat a tomato that had recently been sprayed with insecticide was potentially dangerous which is why the authorities destroyed the fruit.

    Pepe according to the report which came from the from the National Police the three arrested were local Spanish nationals.


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