Shaking all over in the Campo de Gibraltar

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The Straits of Gibraltar

THERE was a minor earthquake in the Straits of Gibraltar on the evening of August 31 measured at 3.5 magnitude. It was felt in La Linea, Gibraltar and San Rogue with comments and reports on earthquake sites (yes they do exist)  ranging from as far as Estepona to Gibraltar,  La Linea, San Roque and Sotogrande.

This writer contacted his wife who is in Gibraltar this evening to ask for her first hand observations and she assumed that he had been drinking as she had felt nothing!

Regardless of her comments, there was a movement in the seabed but clearly it did not cause any major disruption.


The last ten days have however seen some devastating shocks in Italy, Myanmar and Papua New Guinea and the way that earth tremors shoot around the world has been compared to a dog shaking itself with activity running along the entire body.



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