Fire in Puerto Banus as yacht reduced to ashes

© Pedro Galliano/Facebook
FIRESTORM: The yacht eventually sank.

A LUXURY yacht by the name of ‘Shark X’ burst into flames at ritzy resort Puerto Banus around 4pm on Friday, August 19, sending well-heeled shoppers running for cover.

The boat is stationed on the dock leading to the lighthouse, and following an almighty inferno it eventually sank, according to Local Police sources.

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A person who was on board when the fire broke out apparently managed to scramble to safety and was not injured.

Meanwhile, a security team helped ensure that three other vessels docked nearby were not affected by the blaze.

Four fire engines were at the scene and managed to extinguish the flames, but could not prevent the smouldering remains from vanishing beneath the surface.

The cause of the accident is currently unconfirmed, but initial reports suggest an electrical fault may have been to blame.


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