National Police check identification at Tall Ships Race


A DIVISION of the National Police, made up of officers knowledgeable about border control and document forgery was charged with overseeing the arrival of the boats participating in The Tall Ships Races 2016 which stopped at La Coruña between August 11 and 14.

With a total of 33 boats and about 1,300 crew members from 12 different nationalities officers were hard pressed to check all of the arrivals but they achieved their desired aims by sending in a specific team to inspect vessels and crews in order to ensure that there were no cases of illegal immigration or trafficking in human beings.

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In addition to those vessels participating in the race, officers also monitored other smaller vessels and their crews who, attracted by the event, have been able to call at the different marinas across the province.

This special brigade responsible for checking clandestine immigration (BRIC) was created 10 years ago as a mobile operating unit of border control in order to strengthen those border posts when special events such as this take place. 

In addition, it permanently deploys officers in Ceuta and Melilla, as well as in the port of Algeciras and at the border with France at La Junquera.


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