Island most under threat

© Maymonides, Flickr
CONEJERA ISLAND: One of the most threatened areas for bird life in the world.

THE Conejera Island (near Ibiza) is one of four Important Bird Conservation and Biodiversity (IBA) sites and among the most threatened areas of the world, according to a study by SEO/BirdLife.  

The island of Conejera also includes the islets of Bledes and Espartar, but BirdLife said the threat to birds in this area is “very high,” particularly among the nesting species of the Shearwater seabird, with urbanisation and the impact of tourism seen as the factors to blame. 

The coordinator of Conservation for SEO/BirdLife, Juan Carlos Atienza, said that despite the conservation work they perform in the different organisations, they do not have enough data to determine whether evolution is positive or negative. The report warns that the deterioration in this area “can be very fast if you do not act, as threats could take effect in just four years.”


SEO/BirdLife has been working on the conservation of birds and their habitats since it was founded in 1954, conducting scientific studies, disseminating knowledge, performing activities related to international co-operation and developing environmental programmes with volunteers. 

The group focuses on the conservation of bird species, identifying the threats that cause this situation and proposing conservation measures to improve their status.



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