Effervescent adolescents detained after racking up monster hotel bill

HIGH-COST HOEDOWN: The four British lads spent over €4,000 in just four days.

A QUESTIONABLE quartet of British teenagers have been taken into custody in Mallorca following a four day blowout during which they ran up preposterous bills totalling over €4,000 in a luxury hotel.

Local reports state that they have had their passports rescinded until they shell out what they owe, although it appears that no means of payment have been forthcoming as yet.

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Three of the four youths, all of whom hail from London, are eighteen while the fourth is just seventeen-years-old, with the lads arrested when they were due to check out of their stay in the well-heeled resort of Son Vida.

Reports suggested that they attempted to skedaddle once they were informed of the damage, initially presenting an invalid credit card before legging it, with police rounding them up soon after.

Three of the gang appeared before a local magistrate on Thursday, August 11, and have been released, but they won’t be leaving the island until they have paid their dues, with the bumper bill having been accumulated as the wingdinging whippersnappers spent large on luxury accommodation, food and drinks.

One of the blaggers apparently told the court that he thought the stay had been paid for in advance, and the cash-strapped teens must now somehow find a way to get home.


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