Triple A charity still caring for cats and dogs

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We still need your help

AS IT is four months since the raid by Seprona (the animal arm of the Guardia Civil), on the Triple A charity, Euro Weekly News contacted charity spokesperson Lily van Tongeren to see whether there was any news that we could share with our readers, many of whom have been supporters of the animal charity over the years.

Lily responded almost immediately with a carefully prepared statement which is reproduced below.

“We at Triple A would like to inform of the present situation at Triple A rescue centre.

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On April 11 2016, the blackest day in the history of Triple A, Seprona came to the shelter following up a denouncement from our own solicitor.  The shelter was closed for one day but since then continues to function as normal, with all personnel present, all the animals are fine and are all in good health, adoptions here in Spain and in Germany, Finland, Holland and a few other countries continue as before.

We have been strongly advised by our new solicitors not to make any comments as this can affect the legal proceedings that are under way.

However, we would like to say that the Society is confident that the outcome of this matter will be favourable to Triple A. But we have to say that the most upsetting matter that has affected our reputation and deeply hurt the members, volunteers, sympathisers and all their families, was a shocking and highly questionable video which depicted a totally wrong and untrue picture, it was leaked and broadcasted in prime time to three of the most important national TV stations in Spain and massively followed by the social media.

Consequently, many questions have arisen by the public, and enormous financial and moral damage has been done to Triple A, therefore, we  would like to ask you, now more than ever to continue your valuable support, to stand behind us, defend us, and not to make any judgement until the matter has been finalised in court.

After all everyone knows that we have been operating for 25 years without question, for the good of the abandoned and abused animals of Marbella and San Pedro.”

We at EWN will continue to keep in contact with the charity in the knowledge that it will take some considerable length of time before the matter is resolved finally but pleased to know that abandoned and needy animals are still being cared for and that funds continue to help support the actions of the charity and its band of dedicated volunteers.

Those who wish to visit the shelter should note that August opening hours are 10am to 2pm but Saturday dog walking is unaffected and starts at 8.30am with volunteers more than welcome so for more information and to view latest residents visit



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