Malaga mania


One of Europe’s biggest and oldest street festivals kicks off tomorrow evening as Malaga launches its 2016 Feria and millions prepare to revel in a 10-day extravaganza. 

At 11.50pm on August 12 an opening address read out by famous local singer Vanesa Martin will open the festival, followed by a fireworks display to bring the festival to life. 

From the first explosion anything goes in the city, which will be transformed by raucous Andalucian partying, drinking, dancing, live music, and bullfighting to mark a treasured festival celebrated passionately for more than 500 years. 


Millions pass through Malaga every year, heading straight for the beaches, yet, for those fortunate enough to live in the province, the Feria represents a fantastic opportunity to drench themselves in local culture. 

The Feria comprises two distinct events, sensible partying concentrated around the centre’s Marques de Larios during the day, and hedonists flocking to the fairground dusk till dawn. 

A vision of swirling Flamenco dresses, silken horses, frantic spontaneous dancing, and more than half a million lanterns and lights, the Feria de Malaga is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

From Friday August 12 until Sunday August 21 every day and night will be jam-packed with entertainment. Find a  schedule of events online



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