Moroccan Olympic boxer accused of molesting Brazilian maids

© Hassan Saada - Facebook
ACCUSED: Hassan Saada (right).

BRAZILIAN police have arrested a Moroccan boxer set to compete in the Rio Games on suspicion of sexually assaulting two female cleaners in his Olympic Village accommodation. 

Light-heavyweight competitor Hassan Saada will have a different fight on his hands when transferred to a Rio prison to face questioning and be held for at least 15 days while police investigate the claims. 

Local media are reporting that the 22-year-old threw a hapless maid up against a wall, pressing her thighs, groping her breasts and offering money for her body before she managed to escape, and violently attempted to kiss another. 

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“It has been necessary to arrest Hassan Saada to investigate the allegations against him. If he was at liberty there would be a risk that he could interfere with witnesses. And there is a risk that Hassan Saada could reoffend,” said judge Nunes Saly, who is officiating the case.


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