New paseo plans spark debate


News that a third phase of the paseo maritimo promenade in Mojacar is being planned has been met with mixed reactions from residents and political groups.

Mojacar Council released the news last week that following approval by the provincial council, the promenade will be extended by a further 740 metres.

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The project has a budget of some €3 million and will extend the feature from the red cross roundabout along to the next roundabout adjacent to Maui Beach bar.

The second phase was opened last month and has proved popular with locals and visitors despite initial concerns over the availability of parking in the area.

Plans for the route that the new section of the walkway will take were discussed at last week’s council plenary meeting and opposition group Somos Mojacar slammed the idea, lamenting that it would unfavourably change the character of the town and was not a necessary investment.

Some residents also took to social media to express their concerns, the main one being the effect the construction will have on the traditional beach bars including Maui Beach, Aku Aku, Patio 2000, El Cid and Bahia.

The promenade is allegedly planned to pass by the front of the beach bars, separating them from the sea.

These traditional beach bars have been popular in the town since the 1970s, and residents were concerned that the promenade would change the landscape in a negative way.

Somos Mojacar issued a statement describing the plan as “an outrage.”  The statement went on to say that the group was not against progress, except when development would “mutilate” attractions which have been part of the life of visitors and residents for decades.

The group will speak to the owners and tenants of the bars to gather opinion with a view to opposing the plans.

Other Facebook users complimented the council saying it would tidy up a ‘scruffy’ part of the beachfront and that they welcomed the extension as an enhancement to the area.

The new stretch of promenade will take some 14 months to complete and will include a walkway, parking, play areas and a cycle path.

Plans will be released soon and the project will then undergo a period of approval.


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