Sting allergy vaccine showing good results

STINGING SUCCESS: New venom vaccine.

PATIENTS with an allergy to venom (from wasps and bees) can be cured in over 95 per cent of cases with a vaccine.

July and August are the months with the highest rate of incidence of stings causing concern for those who have an allergic reaction, but doctors Amparo Conde and Mercedes Hernandez from the Nisa Sevilla Aljarafe hospital said there is a cure rate of 95 per cent of patients treated with bee venom and in 98 per cent of those who have been had wasp venom.

The aim of the vaccine is to modify the response of the defence system and immune system, which in allergic patients overreacts to the insect bite. “Today” said Dr. Fernandez “it is considered accepted that this vaccine protects patients from three to five years.”


Those who suffer from allergic reactions to such stings are advised to speak to their medical professional about having the vaccine.



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