HMS Ambush leaves Gibraltar for repair in the UK

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HMS Ambush leaves Gibraltar

HAVING been damaged in a collision with a merchant ship whilst on exercise off Gibraltar some two weeks ago, HMS Ambush had to make its way into the dockyard with a number of somewhat red-faced naval professionals on board!

It was confirmed by the Ministry of Defence that there was absolutely no risk of any nuclear wastage from the reactors on the submarine as the damage was all external, with images showing dents to the conning tower.

In accordance with naval procedure, its missiles and torpedoes were removed and naturally, the Spanish authorities were quick to complain about its presence in Gibraltar, even though Spain regularly entertains Russian submarines in Ceuta, possibly in breach of EU sanctions.


On July 29, Ambush left Gibraltar as it had been decided by the MOD, following a full technical revue that it would be more appropriate for repairs to be undertaken in the UK rather than in Gibraltar.

Clearly the damage to the submarine must have been superficial if it is considered safe to make the journey back to Britain.



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