Costa del calor: roasting weekend in prospect

Vladimir Sazonov/Shutterstock
BOILING: Conditions are going to heat up over the weekend.

ANOTHER blazing hot weekend is in prospect, as the heat wave that has been affecting the interior of the peninsula begins to arrive to the coast, with high temperature alerts set to be put in place from Saturday, July 30.

The torrid conditions will reach their nadir on Sunday and Monday, with a high of 39°C forecast across Malaga province, although some coastal enclaves may be spared the absolute wrath of the warm front.

Sweltering nights are also expected on the worst of the dog days, with the mercury expected to remain above 25°C until Tuesday, when the piping mass of air is predicted to move on, while the possibility of short showers of sand-laden ‘blood rain’ is also a strong possibility.

As always, EWN advises our readers to play it safe in the dangerous sun, covering up and remaining in the shade whenever possible.


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