Keeping up with domestic violence


WITH an aim to keeping up with the times and fighting domestic violence in all its forms, the Spanish State Security department has modernised its VioGen case monitoring system to take technology into account.

Launched in 2007, VioGen studies possible cases of gender violence and analyses characters of possible abusers, vulnerability of victims and the risks of situations escalating, plus the need for security measures to be put into effect.

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Now, with the addition of two new forms, the VPR (police risk evaluation) and VPER (police risk evolution evaluation), the system will take into account internet and social media, which abusers, especially of the younger generations, have discovered are yet another way to exercise control over their victims.

The VioGen system can be accessed by 34,000 users (police forces, social services, courts, coroners, public prosecutors etc.).

The Ministry of the Interior recognises that there is still a long way to go to eradicate this serious problem from the country, and has stressed that this must be done through awareness, prevention and education.

The National Police and Guardia Civil both run campaigns urging women who may be suffering abuse to contact the specific free helpline on 016 for support. The line is active at all times and includes automatic translation systems in 52 different languages.


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