Slowdown in sales costs jobs with Ford

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Job losses in Ford Valencia

FORD motors have announced the loss of 430 jobs at their Almussafes plant just to the south of Valencia City.  Production of the cars has reduced by 200 a day leading up to the lay-offs which appear to be in addition to the 160 losses announced recently though that is yet to be fully confirmed.

The drop in sales is more to do with a general slowdown in sales across Europe, where most of the cars manufactured at Almussafes are destined for, than the Spanish economy. 

The massive factory, known locally as Ford City, employs around 9,200 staff and is one of the largest in Europe. While 160 of the layoffs involve temporary staff, management and the unions will need to go through due process to determine the remainder of the staff to be let go. The union has asked the company to delay the formal decision in the hope that there will be a recovery in the coming months.



  1. Is it any wonder sales are falling.l ordered a new car in April and I was promised mid July delivery.I have just been told it will be September.I won,t buy another ford,especially now that they have moved all manufacturing out of Britain.


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