Mother and three girls stabbed in France

Google Streetview
Scene of the centre where the attack took place

A REPORT has appeared in the French media that a woman and her three daughters aged between 8 and 14 have been stabbed whilst on holiday in a centre near Laragne in France on the morning of July 19.

The assailant, who was arrested for attempted murder whilst trying to flee the scene, was on holiday in the same centre with his family who he left behind when trying to escape.

The local authorities do not consider at this stage that this is a religiously motivated attack and think it may have occurred due to some psychological problem that the man is suffering from, although other sources suggest that he was disturbed by the way in which the mother and her daughters were dressed.

A press briefing is due to be given later in the day, where more information will hopefully be made available, but it is expected that they will deny that it is in anyway associated with the Nice attack and will be seen as a serious disagreement between neighbours in the centre.

It is known, however, that whilst one of the girls doesn’t appear to be seriously hurt, another is in the emergency ward of a local hospital having suffered a punctured lung and the mother was stabbed in the sternum.



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