Couple arrested for animal cruelty as 39 cats and 13 dogs are rescued

National Police
Some of the rescued cats

OFFICERS of the National Police have arrested a couple in Velez-Málaga this morning (July 19) for alleged animal cruelty after finding 39 cats and 13 dogs which were said to be malnourished, sick and abandoned inside the couple’s residence.

The animals have received veterinary attention and are being taken care of by various associations and animal hospices from Malaga to Granada.

The National Police said that they were originally alerted about the situation by an animal hospice which alleged that there were a number of malnourished and sick animals inside a central residence in the town which is in the Axarquia.

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During the investigations the agents located the house and once an inspection was made with a vet on the scene they were able to confirm that various cats and dogs were in need of urgent treatment. Almost all of the animals that were rescued didn’t have microchips or any veterinary records.

The police operation concluded with the arrests of the owners, a 53-year-old man and a 58-year-old woman, for animal cruelty which could have been avoided if they had looked after the animals properly and had them regularly checked. 


  1. I do not know the people involved and do not condone their neglect of animals but I can see how well meaning people could end up in this situation. There are so many abandoned dogs and feral cats in Andalusia that it is easy to fall in to the trap of trying to care for more than of them than is emotionally or financially possible. Various refuges and the local authorities do what they can but it is necessary to be very strong to avoid the probvlems highlighted by this report.


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